Spring Creek Week

Next week, buckle up for this Spring's Creek Week... ROAD TRIP! 

  • MAGICAL MONDAY: Whether it is Disney or Universal, represent your favorite theme park character. 
  • TENNESSEE TUESDAY: Next stop, NASHVILLE! Let's see your cowboy boots, hats, and flannel. 
  • WRONG WAY WEDNESDAY: Backwards, inside out, or mismatched. However you choose, wear it wrong.
  • CALI COOL THURSDAY: Embrace a chill California vibe with your sunglasses, gats, and summer wear. 
  • COLOR WARS FRIDAY: Wear your Class Color for Friday's Pep Rally. Freshmen- Green, Sophomores- Maroon, Juniors- Black, Seniors- White

Help your class capture the Plank at Friday's Pep Rally by wearing an outfit for each day's theme.