Black Lives, Blue Lives, All Lives Matter Discussion

On March 31, 2022, Cedar Creek High School is hosting a discussion on Blue Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, and All Lives Matter. We will be discussing these topics and the challenges minorities and Law Enforcement face in today’s world with local Law Enforcement Officers as well as the students and faculty/staff of Cedar Creek High School.

The purpose of this event is to be exposed to different viewpoints as we come to a respectful, unified understanding of differing perspectives and feelings. Students will be able to hear first hand from Law Enforcement Officers about their outlook and the challenges they face on the job in regards to these issues.

This event will also serve as an outreach and recruitment for students who are looking into joining Law Enforcement, but who may be concerned about joining in our current climate. The students will be able to ask questions and speak with the Law Enforcement Officers directly. 

This event will begin at 2:45 PM in the Library.