The Cedar Creek High School “Students Talking About Racism Club” recently hosted a discussion with local Law Enforcement Officers about Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter.  Joining in on the discussion with the students and the advisors of the Star Club were Officer Johnson from Atlantic City Police Department, Sergeant Hartman from Pleasantville Police Department, and Egg Harbor City Chief of Police, Marcella Aylwin.  As a group, we spoke about what Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter means to us, how certain social movements help contribute to our society, racial profiling in our communities today, racial equality in America since the Civil Rights Movement, the effect of police officers on their communities, and why the Law Enforcement personnel present chose to become police officers.   This is our second discussion of the year- the first discussion focused on the Confederate Flag.  We hope to host our third and final discussion of the year in May where we will discuss racism in the school setting.  STAR meets bi-monthly and discusses racism as seen in our American culture, past and present.  We have thorough, diplomatic discussions that vary in opinion and we always leave our meetings with a positive feeling and message, and always in peace.