Typical Sequences

CCHS Curriculum Guide

Math Honor Society - Mu Alpha Theta

 Induction Criteria:

  1. Inductees must be juniors or seniors at CCHS. 

  2. Inductees must have taken and passed Honors PreCalculus with a score of 85 or higher. 

  3. Inductees must be enrolled in other higher-level math courses, performing at an exemplary level in those as well. 

  4. Inductees must have earned a weighted GPA of at least 85 overall. 

  5. Inductees must be a member of  Math Club or Academic Teams.  

Kelly Slingerland
Supervisor of Math
Office: 609-593-3560 x 4092
Cell:  609-382-6974

Department Teachers

Sandy Brown:  ext. 5105

Carolyn Calderone:  ext. 5135

John Gazo:  ext. 5111

Leah Gorrin:  ext. 5203

Danielle Lorenzo:  ext. 5138

Nick Limone:  ext. 5127

Bill McNally:  ext. 5807

Scott Ribinsky:  ext. 5114

Madison Tomasello:  ext. 5136

Christine Wozniak:  ext. 5132